Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow
Shooting, editing, and producing my own VR content has proven to be one hell of rollercoaster ride so far, so I took a little breather and spent the last month or so on research and development.  As I'm shooting a fairly challenging type of VR (self-shot 3D with camera movement), I take improving the final product very seriously.  I want each video to get more and more bad-ass.
Starting with my VR release "Nami's English Lesson Goes Extra Credit," I made some significant tweaks to my VR workflow:
Stitched with high-end VR stitching software instead of the free software bundled with the camera  
This made a massive difference in the quality of the 3D parallax and the overall VR experience.  You really do get what you pay for.
Final video cropped to 6K 180-degree VR
I had been exporting as 360-degree VR because that's the only format my editing software supported.  The unnecessary 360-degree view was causing compatibility and quality issues, and there was absolutely no reason to have the black back view in the final video.  I finally figured out how to crop it out of the final video, and BOOM--much better.  Now the 6K version plays on my Oculus Go!
Final video exported using H.265 MP4
This codec delivers superior image quality using the same bitrate as H.264, so let's give it a try!
When I watched the finalized video on my Oculus Go, I was elated.  Much better!  These tweaks are a major step forward.
I'm next considering revisiting my past VR releases and remastering them using this new workflow.  But before doing that, I want to test a few minor tweaks to my tweaks.  First I'm planning to do at least one more release using this new workflow to make sure it's solid.  I also want to conduct a few more experiments related to camera placement and horizon stabilization.  Yes, I am a nerd that makes porn.
Before I sign-off, thank you to the fans for the very helpful feedback, and special thanks to SexLikeReal for their indispensable advice and guidance.  Hopefully my future releases will induce uncontrollable back-to-back orgasms!  That would be sweet.
Peace and Blessings,
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