The Best Clipstores for Selling Your Amateur Adult Videos

One of the more challenging aspects of getting started as an amateur porn video producer is how to sell your product.  You would think that popular and widely-accessible services like Paypal, Shopify, and VHX could come to your assistance.

Unfortunately, it's not to be.  Most all of those well-known services forbid adult-related transactions.  The adult industry is locked-out, blacklisted, and banned.  This theme will resonate especially when trying to use any of these mainstream services.  Hopefully someday this will change, but in the meantime I was forced to look elsewhere.

An alternative is to pursue and apply for your very own credit card merchant account.  However, there's an inherent catch-22 here.  The application and approval process is arduous, and many want evidence of several months of stable transaction volume.  But in this era of everything-done-online, how would you get any sales volume without the merchant account?  Good luck accepting cash or checks for your digital porn videos.  Bitcoin is an option, but credit card is still king of the online transaction.

Luckily there are solutions to this conundrum--online clipstores specifically for adult industry amateurs.  Instead of applying for a merchant account yourself, they handle the transactions for you and host the digital delivery of your content.  They take a percentage of your sales revenue to fund their service.

I expended considerable effort researching the best ones, and I present them here.  My primary criterion for determining the "best" was simply the payout percentage.  Secondary factors included how nice the site looks and how quickly and easily transactions can be completed.  Since I figured I would have to promote my own content by posting free previews to my tube site channels, I didn't take into account if a particular clipstore promotes performers or videos on a main homepage.

This one totally rocks, and it's the one I currently use.

- You get an awesome 85% cut, which is the most generous I've found.
- They handle chargebacks and fraud.  Wow.
- Their site is gorgeous and very easy to use.
- Customer transactions are quick and easy.  There's no lengthy customer registration process.
- Very responsive, professional, and friendly support.
- Absolutely no problems with payouts--always accurate and on-time.

- They don't have a main homepage to promote producers, performers, or videos.  You promote your own store.  I actually like it this way, but some may prefer a clipstore that features performers, etc. on their homepage.  They do partner with another site that offers Snapchat promotion, however.
- The site could use more features, like coupon codes and a shopping cart.

* Unfortunately, IWantClips reduced their payout percentage from 70% to 60%, so they're not as attractive as they once were. *
I used to use this one, but switched to Indiebill due to the superior payout percentage.

- Pretty website.  I especially like their handy video preview maker.
- They have a main homepage that features performers and videos.  Some may like the promotional benefits of this style.
- Customer transactions are quick and easy.  There's no lengthy customer registration process.
- Professional and on-time payouts.

- Payout percentage is not as good as Indiebill.
- The upload process could be better.  I don't like using FTP because it's not secure.

Honorable Mentions

Although their payout percentage is not as good as Indiebill, ManyVids is a very popular clipstore with an expansive member community.  This could potentially drive more web traffic to your videos and generate sales.  I've decided to give them a try.

Modelhub (Pornhub Model Payment Program)
Pornhub has integrated a clipstore called Modelhub into its tube site platform.  This allows members of the model program to sell paid versions of their videos, empowering the PH channel page with both promotional and sales facilities.  While the payout percentage may not be as favorable as the other clipstores, the benefits of using a clipstore integrated into such a high-traffic tube site could off-set that lower percentage with increased sales.  I've decided to give Modelhub a try.

ModelCentro seems geared towards amateurs (e.g. camgirls) that want to launch and market their own brand.  You can create a subscription-based store and sell more than just videos.  This one might be for you if you're leaning towards a subscription-based business model.


This is one of the most popular clipstores on the web, but I fail to see why.  The site is an eyesore and they only offer a 60% payout.  No thanks.
Last modification: Wed 26 Jun 2019
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