The Unofficial Modelhub / Pornhub Model Program FAQ

I often bother Pornhub's model payment program support staff with random questions not covered in their official FAQ and support page.  As this may be helpful for other members of PH's model program, I compiled my questions and PH support's answers into this Q&A-style post.

Does your optional DMCA protection protect both the Pornhub videos and for-sale Modelhub videos?
Yes, both free and for-sale content is protected.

How can I submit feature requests or site suggestions?  For example, I think the pornstar tagging system shouldn't allow everyone to freely tag.  I keep getting tagged in videos that aren't mine, so I think the tagging system is being abused.
You can submit feature requests and suggestions at the Pornhub feedback forum.

Is it possible to upload to Pornhub via a cloud storage service like Dropbox?  This would save a lot of time as I wouldn't have to upload again from my PC.
We currently do not have this option but are looking to add something similar in the future.

I may someday collaborate with another PH model.  Can we post the same video for sale under our respective Modelhub accounts?  I've seen this done before, but wasn't sure if it was technically allowed.
That's fine.  You can post the same video for sale on your Modelhub accounts.

How may I become featured on Modelhub?  I heard we can reach out to you to become a featured model.
There is no featured section on Modelhub.  Trending models are based on sales.  But if you'd like to be promoted on our Instagram or Twitter, you can DM there!

The number of subscribers on my profile is different depending on if I'm logged in or not.  Is this a site bug?
That's because when you are logged-in your cache updates faster.  So the logged-in subscriber account profile page is more accurate.

Does Modelhub support 4K video uploads?
Yes, you can upload 4k videos into the Modelhub program!

Sometimes models don't have 2 forms of government-issued ID.  Could I provide a copy of the signed model release document in lieu of the 2nd (non-photo) ID?
Yes, you can.

I sometimes lose search ranking on my videos.  Easy-come-easy-go, right?  I understand if you can't reveal details of PH's secret algorithms, but is there a specific reason this happens?
New uploads and featured content are always going to bump other content down so you will not always appear on the first page of results.

I hope you've found this useful!  If you're interested in joining Pornhub's model payment program, please go here.
Last modification: Sat 17 Nov 2018
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