I recently received these creampie-related questions via the contact form on the CJ website:
Are you getting any of these women pregnant? Or do they tell you they are on the pill or use an IUD? How do you make sure they aren't hunting for hapa baby?

Before shooting we have a meeting where we cover various topics like cumming inside and contraception.  Some are on the pill, and for those that aren't I have after-pills if they want them.  Some may want a "hapa baby."  Who knows...if they want a CJ baby then let them have a CJ baby, I say.  The more the merrier, right?

I have gotten word of at least two Covert Japan pregnancies (Aya & Karin), so the project is certainly making inroads in populating the world with beautiful half-Japanese babies.

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  • No giving em after pills man. They need to be impregnated; especially the ones with boyfriends who they can blame it on lol :-) Would love to see you bring a girl back who has been made pregnant.

  • Have you considered including bits of the meeting about contraception and coming inside in the video? Also seconding that you should bring a woman you impregnated back on if they'd agree.

  • Good idea. Lemme consider that.

  • So you're not worried about being hit with childsupport?

  • hope to see some of these pregnant girls back soon :-D

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