My question is have you ever considered making a pervert husband/cuckold scene where you would hire a Japanese actor to watch you bang one of the girls?  Don't think I've ever seen a WMAF cuckold scene featuring an Asian cuckold.

I don't think I've ever seen such a cuckold scene either, and I agree it would make for an erotic scenario.  The closest I've come to producing a cuckold scene was when a foreigner married to a Japanese woman reached out to me.  He was interested in hiring me to shoot a scene with his gorgeous wife that (I assume) they would then cherish as a couple.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen—likely because they live very far away.

I also recently shot a threesome scene for a pro-am Japanese director where we shared a lovely 20 year-old Japanese model.  I wouldn’t call it a cuckold scene, but there were slight hints of cuckolding as the girl and even the director compared our cock sizes throughout the scene.  We both very much enjoyed her little pussy, so it’s not like anyone got full-on cuckolded.  It’s not one of my own videos, but I will post a link to it if I ever do find it online.  It’ll probably end up somewhere on FC2.

Ideally if I ever did produce such a scene, I would prefer to make it as real as possible.  Many of the amateur girls I’ve worked with confessed that they do have boyfriends, so how cool would it be if the boyfriend watched as I enjoy the girlfriend’s tight little everything?  I’m not sure how many couples would be game for that, though...LOL.

Sooooo…if you’re an Asian couple (or any couple for that matter) seeking cuckolding fun on camera, please feel free to get in touch!

Peace and Blessings,

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