Gogos JAV DVD cover
A few people were asking about my first and only pro JAV scene I did for studio Gogos, so for sentimentality's sake here's the link to it.
I think it came out pretty well, especially considering it was my very first scene for a JAV studio, and I'm flattered that they even pressed a DVD of it.  Going into it I was pretty nervous.  It took some considerable getting used to not directing the scene myself and to working with a cameraman.  I felt a little out of control, actually, and I have a deep new-found respect for the pros.

The young actress was so cute and so very my type (and Japanese of course), so I popped sooner than I wanted to when we were having sex in cowgirl.  Cowgirl can be a tough one because the guy surrenders a lot of the control to the girl.  I remember Johnny Sins talking about this very topic in one of his videos.  Usually I'm fine because most younger girls aren't so great at cowgirl (no offense intended to the ladies!).  But this girl was too damn good at cowgirl--too cute, too good at sex, and too professional.  Perhaps I'm too accustomed to amateur-level cowgirl.

I was still rock-hard even after popping, so I asked the director if he wanted more footage because I did pop a bit too soon, and I could certainly go for more with the adorable actress.  Even she agreed it was a good idea.
Unfortunately for our aroused loins, it was not to be as the director said it was fine as is.  And that was that.
Will there be more pro JAV scenes starring CJ?  Never say never, but I kinda doubt it.  Don't get me wrong--it's great having sex with random girls on camera, but I find it far more rewarding and fun directing and creating my own videos.  That way I can act-out and fulfill my own fantasies.  And that makes for hotter scenes in my opinion.  Creative control is a very good thing.
The job of a porn actor can be tough at times because you may have to have sex with girls you're not all that attracted to.  Or asked to do things you're just not that in to.  You essentially have to act-out someone else's fantasy, and not your own.  Ideally the director's vision and the actors' own fetishes and talents line up enough to create a hot scene, but that might not always be the case.  Porn acting can indeed feel like work.
I suppose the dream job would be directing and creating my own videos while having a pro JAV studio foot the bill.  LOL...a man can dream, can't he?
Peace and Blessings,

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