STEP 1: Get a Bitcoin Wallet
Just like getting a wallet to hold your cash, you need a Bitcoin wallet app to hold your digital cash.  I highly recommend Bitpay's wallet app.

STEP 2: Fund the Bitcoin Wallet
In other words put some money into it.  When I was first setting up Bitcoin, I didn't want to sign up for lots of online accounts until I had a better understanding of it.  Therefore, I initially funded my wallet with cash at a Bitcoin ATM.  It's easy, anonymous, and saves you from having to sign up for anything.  Find one near you here: CoinATMRadar

The nice thing about this is that it gets you out of your house and into the real world.  Get some fresh air and explore a new destination.  If you still prefer the online approach, then alternatively you can fund your wallet with Paxful.  They offer tons of payment options, including widely-available gift cards.

STEP 3: Buy Something
Try buying something with your new Bitcoin.  How about something from our online shop :-)  After submitting the purchase, the system will display a QR code.  Simply scan this QR code with your Bitcoin wallet app to complete the transaction.

Bitpay - How to Pay with Bitcoin - Another fantastic, slightly-more-detailed "how-to" article
Coinbase - A popular online Bitcoin exchange if you decide to take your new Bitcoin hobby to the next level

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