Ever since I was a small child, I have sporadically experienced this pleasurable tingling sensation that starts in my head and gradually works its way down my spine.  It varies in length and intensity, with the strongest sensation being in the head and face area.  In my case it would usually be induced by watching someone do a simple or benevolent action, and/or articulate innocent commentary.  A fairly intense one in my memory is when I was cuddling with my girlfriend at the time, and she started cutely explaining how she had applied nail polish earlier that day.  There was something extremely wholesome and attractive about how she spoke that induced the sensation.  It's a feeling of well-being unlike any other.

I associate the feeling with safety, sympathy, and love.  I labeled this feeling part of the human experience and moved on with life.  While I don't purposely seek out the sensation, I do enjoy it greatly when it comes on spontaneously.  I suppose the best colloquial term for it would be a "brain massage" or "brain orgasm."  I don't directly connect the feeling to sex because I think it differs enough from a sexual orgasm to command its own category; however, I can understand how others may make such a connection given the intimate and euphoric sensations.

I recently stumbled upon a detailed Wikipedia article documenting this sensation.  It seems it has been given the scientific-sounding name "ASMR," which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  As I had only reported my experience with it during my life to a couple of girlfriends, it was comforting to know that a significant portion of the population experiences it.  Shared human experience validates your own existence.

* Thank you for reading up to this point.  Given the uniqueness of the topic, I think a wordy preface was necessary.  I've finally reached the main point of this little article. *

While editing a few past Covert Japan videos, I noticed the footage would sometimes induce ASMR in me.  It would usually be during a POV sequence, especially my personal favorite sequence where the girl would slowly undress the guy.  I assumed this ASMR was isolated to me given my firsthand relationship with the video footage, so I was surprised to see a Covert Japan video appear in a Reddit ASMR post (NSFW sub-reddit of course).

It's not intentional, and in fact I think intentionally trying to induce ASMR would undermine the whole thing.  It's spontaneous by definition.  Therefore, we have no plans to produce a deliberate ASMR video.  But at the same time, I can't help but be a little curious...

Have our videos ever triggered ASMR in you?

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