Interracial porn is awesome in my opinion, but sometimes I wonder why "interracial" as defined in the porn world seems to be dominated specifically by the black / white combination.  Click the interracial category on Pornhub, and most of the videos are black guys with white girls.

Don’t get me wrong—it’s a hot combination as no other ethnic combos highlight contrast as strikingly and erotically as black and white.  It’s essentially its own genre with very professional sites dedicated completely to it.  I suppose "interracial" has come to mean black on white simply because it's the most popular sub-genre of interracial porn.  As subtly racist and stereotypical as it may be, black men do enjoy an enviable position in the adult video world.

But I’ve always quietly hoped for a little more ethnic and cultural diversity in adult entertainment.  The world is a diverse place, and that diversity makes for some sultry scenes.

Unfortunately, porn isn’t exactly unequivocally accepted in all countries and cultures.  Religious conservative countries and those criminalizing porn production could certainly explain why some groups like Muslims, Chinese, and Koreans are very underrepresented in adult video.  I don’t understand what problem the gods and governments have with porn, as more time spent having sex and orgasms means less time spent hurting and killing each other.  And porn certainly generates taxable revenues and boosts the economy, not to mention personal well-being.  The world can be a very fucked up place with ignorant morons at the helm.  I digress...

I had always wondered if a name had been given to the white man with Japanese girl porn genre that Covert Japan happens to fall into.  I relied on search queries like "Japanese interracial" or "Japanese white," but recently I stumbled upon the acronym: WMAF, which I soon learned stands for "White male / Asian female."  Albeit a rather small niche, it’s nice to know it actually has its own name.

And acronym sub-genres seems to be a trend in porn.  Here are those I've found so far:
AMWF - Asian male / White female
BBC - big black cock
BBW - big beautiful woman
BMAF - Black male / Asian female
BWC - big white cock
BMWF - Black male / White female
CMNF - clothed male / naked female
GND - girl-next-door
NMCF - naked male / clothed female
PMV - porn music video
POV - point-of-view
WMAF - White male / Asian female

I’m sure there are many more--there's probably an acronym to cover just about any porn scenario.  What porn acronyms have you come across?  Do you have a favorite?

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