When you run a porn site, you get an enthusiastic response from the male community.  Based on the number of inquiries I receive, having sex with pretty girls is apparently the dream job of many men.  I can certainly relate to that!

So am I seeking male talent?
No, not at this time.  But please read on...

It's not hard to figure out that this site is essentially a one-man show.  It started as a hobby project, and while it has grown over the years, it's not exactly a profitable business.  I fund all the shoots with my own money, and that's fine with me because I get to enjoy the perks of the "creative process."  Any and all successes and failures are mine and mine alone, and I like it that way.  Yes, I realize that this mindset likely prevents Covert Japan from entering the pro porn world and blossoming into a full-blown business.  If I held more of a business-building mindset, I would hire pro actors, camera operators, and editors.  It takes money to make money to succeed in business.

But I don't really care much about Covert Japan's amateur status because I have complete and total creative control.  I like being the "lone wolf" of sorts.

I didn't start Covert Japan with the idea of making loads of money.  I started it to "document and enjoy the otherworldly beauty of Japanese women and culture."  That's a very classy way of saying that I started Covert Japan to have sex with as many pretty girls as possible before I die or my veiny old d*ck falls off.

So in other words, Covert Japan is currently one guy in the midst of a mid-life crisis hoping to entertain others in the process, and not a profit-minded production company.

Will I ever seek male talent?
Maybe some day, but it's a bit of a chicken and egg question.  It's proven quite challenging convincing people to pay for porn when there's so much "free" pirated porn to compete with.  And it's tremendously heart-breaking when I find my own videos pirated.  These kinds of things hold me back from pouring more money and resources into the project.

If I ever figure out a solution to this conundrum and the revenue situation improves, then I may indeed seek male talent.  If I had more monetary space to work with, then yes, I would produce higher-budget videos.

But until then, please enjoy my mid-life crisis.  :-)

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