• Announcement - Strategic Partnership with JAV Producer REbecca

    Covert Japan is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Japanese gravure video producer REbecca.  REbecca specializes in a softcore genre known as "image videos," which to me are a bit reminiscent of Playboy Playmate portfolio videos.  Does anyone remember those?  I certainly do!

    In other words I’d describe them as "nude modeling meets Japanese idol culture."  I'm very proud to be promoting and distributing their videos to Western audiences.

    REbecca's videos are extremely well-shot and feature some absolutely stunning top-tier Japanese models. Each model's otherworldly beauty and unique character is wonderfully captured via music video-esque sequences, with a sultry simulated sex sequence usually placed at the end. Hot. Very HOT.

    I encourage all fans of Japanese feminine beauty to please view and enjoy REbecca's videos, which will be placed on sale in the Covert Japan web shop and clipstores. I will also do my best to post free samples in the free area.

    Peace and Blessings,
  • Announcing the Covert Japan Affiliate Program

    Covert Japan Logo
    Now that our website supports credit/debit card payments, we are able to offer an affiliate program via our payment processor CCBill.  In other words, you can make money promoting and selling Covert Japan content.  Isn't that freakin' awesome!?
    Simply click the signup button below to become a bad-ass CJ affiliate!
    Peace and Blessings,

  • Covert Japan Announces First VR Release

    Over the past several weeks, I've been experimenting with VR--testing various approaches, equipment, and software.  I'm very excited to announce CJ's very first VR release starring Kana.
  • Covert Japan Clipstore Now Supports Credit Card Payments

    CCBill Logo
    Achievement Unlocked!  Covert Japan is happy to announce that our integrated website clipstore now accepts direct credit & debit card payments.  We finally got a coveted merchant account with CCBill, which is one of the most respected and well-known adult-industry-friendly credit card payment processors.
  • Covert Japan Girl Kurumi Makes Pro JAV Debut

    2018 Covert Japan Girl Kurumi
    Breaking news!  I received word that another Covert Japan girl has turned pro--this time it's 2018 CJ girl Kurumi.  Now professionally known as "Chiharu Sakurai," Kurumi performed in 2 Covert Japan releases, donning maid cosplay in the first, and heart-melting schoolgirl in the second.  So cute and so Japanese!  Working with her was extremely orgasm-inducing to say the least.
    It came as no surprise to me that adorable Kurumi moved onward and upward, as she exudes the pinnacle of Japanese teen beauty.  She debuted into the pro JAV world on ultra-famous JAV label SOD.  Congratulations to her!
    Let's all wish Kurumi, aka Chiharu Sakurai the very best!  
    - Follow her on Twitter here.
    I'm now going to enjoy a celebratory wack-off session in her honor...
    Peace and Blessings,
  • Covert Japan Girl Miho Turns Pro

    Covert Japan girl Miho
    2019 Covert Japan girl Miho has turned pro, performing under the name "Karen Aihara."  It's always bittersweet when an amateur model I've worked with turns pro.  I'm of course elated to have worked with them (before their fame) and sincerely wish them the utmost success and happiness.  On the other hand, it usually means I can no longer work with them due to an exclusive contract with a JAV studio.
    Congratulations to Miss Miho, aka Karen Aihara!  May all your dreams come true!

    - You can find her pro JAV releases on R18 here.
    Peace and Blessings,
  • New CJ Studio Channel on Sex Like Real

    Covert Japan - Sex Like Real
    Covert Japan is happy to announce our new studio channel freshly opened on dedicated adult VR site Sex Like Real, also known as "SLR".  Covert Japan VR releases will be available here, as well as our other sales channels.  At time of writing, there's only one VR video up there now, but more are on the way!

    The coolest thing about SLR is that they're wholly dedicated to VR content--they specialize in VR, and they do it damn well.  Video releases are rendered out to a plethora of headset-friendly formats for ideal compatibility with your device of choice.  I have the utmost respect for sites like SLR that focus on being the best at the details and particulars without trying to be and do everything.  I'm excited to embark on this bold new journey into the VR space with them.

    And please check out the pretty little round SLR logo I made for the social icon section at the bottom of the page.  Isn't it cute?
    Peace and Blessings,
  • New Covert Japan Free Videos Site

    New Covert Japan Free Videos Site
    Perhaps you noticed already, but I decided to split the free videos section off to a separate site with the creatively apt URL "".  This separate site is a more feature-rich, purpose-built video "tube," so it provides robust features like adaptive streaming and transcoding.  In other words it's got geeky tech stuff that I've been wanting to play with and modules that allow for future growth and improvements.
    Going forward I'll be posting all free Covert Japan videos, trailers, and partner videos here--including some stuff exclusive to the CJ free site.  As always, constructive feedback is appreciated.  Enjoy!
    Peace and Blessings,
  • Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow

    Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow
    Shooting, editing, and producing my own VR content has proven to be one hell of rollercoaster ride so far, so I took a little breather and spent the last month or so on research and development.  As I'm shooting a fairly challenging type of VR (self-shot 3D with camera movement), I take improving the final product very seriously.  I want each video to get more and more bad-ass.
    Starting with my VR release "Nami's English Lesson Goes Extra Credit," I made some significant tweaks to my VR workflow:
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