• The Absurdity of Japan's Porn Censorship Law

    The Absurdity of Japan's Porn Censorship Law To anyone unfamiliar with Japanese adult video (aka JAV), the expression "uncensored porn" must seem rather silly because porn by definition is going to show the nude human form in all its glory, right?  Like trying to sell a car without wheels, censoring porn cripples it and defeats the entire purpose of it.  Why on earth would you do such a thing?  Unfortunately, in Japan there exists this ridiculous law that forces domestic adult video producers to cover genitalia with mosaic pixelation in their releases.

    Let's reflect on the absurdity of Japan's porn censorship law, which was penned in the early 1900s, and still exists with the same wording in Japan's criminal code to this very day.  Below I present six arguments for why this anti-obscenity law is in dire need of abolishment or revision, as its current legal interpretation and implementation wallow in veritable illogic.
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