• CJ's ManyVids FAQ

    I have engaged ManyVids support on several occasions, so I compiled my questions and MV support answers into this Q&A post.  Perhaps this information will benefit other ManyVids models.

    Q: I have a question about country block.  I use the ManyVids region block features, but I was hoping to "whitelist" a few MV members so that they can access my vids / profile. Is this possible?
    While we don't currently have an option to whitelist specific members in a blocked region we think that it's a great idea! We have received this suggestion from other MV Stars, and we'll be happy to pass along your feedback to the Management Team for future consideration.

    Q: Is it possible to link directly to the "get my vids" subscription page? I am asking because I'd like to create a "subscribe" link on my own website that directs straight to my Manyvids "get my vids" page.
    Unfortunately, since the button is a pop up you won't be able to link it. The closest you can do is link your services page.

  • Do You Do Custom Vids?

    I get this question a lot, so it's about time I posted an answer.  I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm assuming that most people want a custom boy/girl scene and not a video of me jerking off?
  • Help! The Video Won't Play

    Fortunately it's very rare, but once in a blue moon a customer will report trouble with playing their downloaded video file.  The underlying reason is usually that most of our videos are ultra-high definition 4K (UHD 4K), so they require fairly recent hardware and software to play properly.  The following suggestions have proven very helpful:
  • New Covert Japan Free Videos Site

    New Covert Japan Free Videos Site
    Perhaps you noticed already, but I decided to split the free videos section off to a separate site with the creatively apt URL "".  This separate site is a more feature-rich, purpose-built video "tube," so it provides robust features like adaptive streaming and transcoding.  In other words it's got geeky tech stuff that I've been wanting to play with and modules that allow for future growth and improvements.
    Going forward I'll be posting all free Covert Japan videos, trailers, and partner videos here--including some stuff exclusive to the CJ free site.  As always, constructive feedback is appreciated.  Enjoy!
    Peace and Blessings,
  • Our Bitcoin Shop and Download Speeds

    Dear Bitcoin Customers,

    Covert Japan is ardently committed to supporting Bitcoin as a currency in the form of our site's online store.  The only way crypto-currency will ever be considered "currency" and not merely a speculative investment is if vendors remain dedicated to supporting it.  As a small vendor, the challenge has always been finding cost-effective ways to support our own site's Bitcoin-based shop as the currency slowly grows in acceptance and utilization.
  • The Simplest Bitcoin Setup Guide in the Universe

    STEP 1: Get a Bitcoin Wallet
    Just like getting a wallet to hold your cash, you need a Bitcoin wallet app to hold your digital cash.  I highly recommend Bitpay's wallet app.

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