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  • About Destroy the Pussy Porn and Niche Fetishes

    Covert Japan girl Aino Since the very beginning of the Covert Japan project, I've always produced videos that have appealed to my own specific and simple fantasy--having sex with beautiful Asian (yes, mostly Japanese) girls.  Additionally, hoping to boost Japan's birthrate, I ideally release multiple fertile loads inside their little reproductive vaginas.  Label me too much of a gentleman or traditional or plain or whatever, but slipping my lusty white cock into tight Asian pussies has always been more than enough to induce orgasm after intense orgasm.

    Given how saturated the adult entertainment market is, I'll be the first to admit that for the financial success of the project it would be in my best interest to branch out and appeal to the wide variety of viewer fetishes and requests delivered to my inbox.  Some viewers express explicit desires to see me "destroy the pussy," forcefully shoving my old white cock down any available Asian orifice.  Slap them, urinate on them, make them choke and gag on my wanton unforgiving cock.  Others want me to fuck their feet or hair or watch with glee as they piss on my face.
  • Announcement - Strategic Partnership with JAV Producer REbecca

    Covert Japan is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Japanese gravure video producer REbecca.  REbecca specializes in a softcore genre known as "image videos," which to me are a bit reminiscent of Playboy Playmate portfolio videos.  Does anyone remember those?  I certainly do!

    In other words I’d describe them as "nude modeling meets Japanese idol culture."  I'm very proud to be promoting and distributing their videos to Western audiences.

    REbecca's videos are extremely well-shot and feature some absolutely stunning top-tier Japanese models. Each model's otherworldly beauty and unique character is wonderfully captured via music video-esque sequences, with a sultry simulated sex sequence usually placed at the end. Hot. Very HOT.

    I encourage all fans of Japanese feminine beauty to please view and enjoy REbecca's videos, which will be placed on sale in the Covert Japan web shop and clipstores. I will also do my best to post free samples in the free area.

    Peace and Blessings,
  • Are You Looking for Male Talent?

    When you run a porn site, you get an enthusiastic response from the male community.  Based on the number of inquiries I receive, having sex with pretty girls is apparently the dream job of many men.  I can certainly relate to that!

    So am I seeking male talent?
    No, not at this time.  But please read on...
  • Covert Japan Announces First VR Release

    Over the past several weeks, I've been experimenting with VR--testing various approaches, equipment, and software.  I'm very excited to announce CJ's very first VR release starring Kana.
  • Covert Japan Girl Kurumi Makes Pro JAV Debut

    2018 Covert Japan Girl Kurumi
    Breaking news!  I received word that another Covert Japan girl has turned pro--this time it's 2018 CJ girl Kurumi.  Now professionally known as "Chiharu Sakurai," Kurumi performed in 2 Covert Japan releases, donning maid cosplay in the first, and heart-melting schoolgirl in the second.  So cute and so Japanese!  Working with her was extremely orgasm-inducing to say the least.
    It came as no surprise to me that adorable Kurumi moved onward and upward, as she exudes the pinnacle of Japanese teen beauty.  She debuted into the pro JAV world on ultra-famous JAV label SOD.  Congratulations to her!
    Let's all wish Kurumi, aka Chiharu Sakurai the very best!  
    - Follow her on Twitter here.
    I'm now going to enjoy a celebratory wack-off session in her honor...
    Peace and Blessings,
  • Covert Japan Girl Miho Turns Pro

    Covert Japan girl Miho
    2019 Covert Japan girl Miho has turned pro, performing under the name "Karen Aihara."  It's always bittersweet when an amateur model I've worked with turns pro.  I'm of course elated to have worked with them (before their fame) and sincerely wish them the utmost success and happiness.  On the other hand, it usually means I can no longer work with them due to an exclusive contract with a JAV studio.
    Congratulations to Miss Miho, aka Karen Aihara!  May all your dreams come true!

    - You can find her pro JAV releases on R18 here.
    Peace and Blessings,
  • Glossary

    Covert Japan Girl Professor Mao

    This work-in-progress glossary documents sexy Japanese words you may hear in our videos or other Japanese adult videos.  Words marked in bold are so common that they're not always subtitled in our videos.  What a fun way to learn Japanese!

  • How to Become a Porn Actor in Japan

    I am often asked these questions: "How can I become a porn actor in Japan?" or "How can I break into Japan's adult video (JAV) industry?"  I will do my best to provide the answers below.  Since I am a guy, please note this is written from a guy's perspective.
  • How to Make Porn in Japan

    What follows is some general advice and guidance to help you get started producing your own porn in Japan.  Please note this is written from the perspective of a guy shooting boy-girl scenes.

  • I'm Interested in Doing AV, but I Worry About Showing My Face

    I often hear this from potential adult video actresses.  They want to try doing porn, but fear being recognized by a coworker, friend, or family member.  It's completely understandable as the adult entertainment industry is traditionally considered a one-way trip.  It could certainly prove challenging to maintain a separate job or social life while working in or transitioning to the adult video world.

    When it comes to adult video, "it's all about the girl," so most assume there aren't any exposure workarounds for female performers.  This doesn't mean it's impossible to overcome, however.  Some solutions for those concerned about over-exposure do indeed exist, so let's look at some.
  • Interview with Rockit Reports

    I was honored to be interviewed by Rockit Reports!  Perhaps this means I'm making a name for myself in the adult industry?

    Please check out the full interview here:

  • My First and (Maybe) Only Pro JAV Scene

    Gogos JAV DVD cover
    A few people were asking about my first and only pro JAV scene I did for studio Gogos, so for sentimentality's sake here's the link to it.
    I think it came out pretty well, especially considering it was my very first scene for a JAV studio, and I'm flattered that they even pressed a DVD of it.  Going into it I was pretty nervous.  It took some considerable getting used to not directing the scene myself and to working with a cameraman.  I felt a little out of control, actually, and I have a deep new-found respect for the pros.

    The young actress was so cute and so very my type (and Japanese of course), so I popped sooner than I wanted to when we were having sex in cowgirl.  Cowgirl can be a tough one because the guy surrenders a lot of the control to the girl.  I remember Johnny Sins talking about this very topic in one of his videos.  Usually I'm fine because most younger girls aren't so great at cowgirl (no offense intended to the ladies!).  But this girl was too damn good at cowgirl--too cute, too good at sex, and too professional.  Perhaps I'm too
  • The Absurdity of Japan's Porn Censorship Law

    The Absurdity of Japan's Porn Censorship Law To anyone unfamiliar with Japanese adult video (aka JAV), the expression "uncensored porn" must seem rather silly because porn by definition is going to show the nude human form in all its glory, right?  Like trying to sell a car without wheels, censoring porn cripples it and defeats the entire purpose of it.  Why on earth would you do such a thing?  Unfortunately, in Japan there exists this ridiculous law that forces domestic adult video producers to cover genitalia with mosaic pixelation in their releases.

    Let's reflect on the absurdity of Japan's porn censorship law, which was penned in the early 1900s, and still exists with the same wording in Japan's criminal code to this very day.  Below I present six arguments for why this anti-obscenity law is in dire need of abolishment or revision, as its current legal interpretation and implementation wallow in veritable illogic.
  • The Many Genres and Fetishes of Japanese Adult Video

    It is said that porn genres and fetishes are more numerous than all the grains of sand of all the exotic beaches of the earth.  And Japanese adult video (JAV) is certainly no exception.  In fact, I think Japanese porn in general expresses far more creativity with scenarios and genres compared to Western porn.

  • What's Her Name?

    Fans sometimes request the full performer names of Covert Japan girls.  It's a common and understandable question because they're probably hoping to find more videos starring such-and-such a model.  Unfortunately, there's rarely any full model name to give.  Although Covert Japan isn't billed as a 100% pure amateur site (a few of the models are with agencies), it is called COVERT Japan for a reason.
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