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  • About Destroy the Pussy Porn and Niche Fetishes

    Covert Japan girl Aino Since the very beginning of the Covert Japan project, I've always produced videos that have appealed to my own specific and simple fantasy--having sex with beautiful Asian (yes, mostly Japanese) girls.  Additionally, hoping to boost Japan's birthrate, I ideally release multiple fertile loads inside their little reproductive vaginas.  Label me too much of a gentleman or traditional or plain or whatever, but slipping my lusty white cock into tight Asian pussies has always been more than enough to induce orgasm after intense orgasm.

    Given how saturated the adult entertainment market is, I'll be the first to admit that for the financial success of the project it would be in my best interest to branch out and appeal to the wide variety of viewer fetishes and requests delivered to my inbox.  Some viewers express explicit desires to see me "destroy the pussy," forcefully shoving my old white cock down any available Asian orifice.  Slap them, urinate on them, make them choke and gag on my wanton unforgiving cock.  Others want me to fuck their feet or hair or watch with glee as they piss on my face.
  • Let's Address Viewer Feedback on Covert Japan VR Videos

    Covert Japan VR
    One of my 2020 New Year's resolutions was to full-on jump in the pool and try producing VR videos.  Since I'm obviously quite new to VR production and a one-man show, I'm interested to hear any and all viewer feedback regarding my (relatively amateur) VR efforts.  Here I address some of the constructive feedback I've received so far...

    Covert Japan is my favorite studio here, but I wish the camera would be little lower. But, I understand that he has to wear gear on his head, Great job!
    First, this was received via my SexLikeReal channel, so I'm deeply flattered by the line "my favorite studio here," as there are myriads of highly-talented VR producers on SexLikeReal.  Thank you very much for that!
    To address the second part of the comment--yes, as a self-shooter, I do indeed mount the camera to my head.  I've experimented with various mounting styles and so far this one provides the best balance of viewing angle and minimizing the dreaded camera shake.
    I could of course do what most others do and shoot statically with the camera mounted to a tripod, but I think this places too many limitations on the dynamism of the scene as a whole.  In other words, I'm not really into that "dead body guy" style.
    I am experimenting with
  • Viewer Mail - Impregnation Videos

    I picked up Chie's video via your website today and thought it was really hot.  Are there any other videos that you'd recommend that have similar impregnation / pregnancy talk in them?
  • Viewer Mail - Pervert Husband / Cuckold Scene

    My question is have you ever considered making a pervert husband/cuckold scene where you would hire a Japanese actor to watch you bang one of the girls?  Don't think I've ever seen a WMAF cuckold scene featuring an Asian cuckold.
  • Viewer Mail - Question about Creampies

    I recently received these creampie-related questions via the contact form on the CJ website:
    Are you getting any of these women pregnant? Or do they tell you they are on the pill or use an IUD? How do you make sure they aren't hunting for hapa baby?
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