Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Covert Japan Announces First VR Release

    Over the past several weeks, I've been experimenting with VR--testing various approaches, equipment, and software.  I'm very excited to announce CJ's very first VR release starring Kana.
  • Let's Address Viewer Feedback on Covert Japan VR Videos

    Covert Japan VR
    One of my 2020 New Year's resolutions was to full-on jump in the pool and try producing VR videos.  Since I'm obviously quite new to VR production and a one-man show, I'm interested to hear any and all viewer feedback regarding my (relatively amateur) VR efforts.  Here I address some of the constructive feedback I've received so far...

    Covert Japan is my favorite studio here, but I wish the camera would be little lower. But, I understand that he has to wear gear on his head, Great job!
    First, this was received via my SexLikeReal channel, so I'm deeply flattered by the line "my favorite studio here," as there are myriads of highly-talented VR producers on SexLikeReal.  Thank you very much for that!
    To address the second part of the comment--yes, as a self-shooter, I do indeed mount the camera to my head.  I've experimented with various mounting styles and so far this one provides the best balance of viewing angle and minimizing the dreaded camera shake.
    I could of course do what most others do and shoot statically with the camera mounted to a tripod, but I think this places too many limitations on the dynamism of the scene as a whole.  In other words, I'm not really into that "dead body guy" style.
    I am experimenting with
  • New CJ Studio Channel on Sex Like Real

    Covert Japan - Sex Like Real
    Covert Japan is happy to announce our new studio channel freshly opened on dedicated adult VR site Sex Like Real, also known as "SLR".  Covert Japan VR releases will be available here, as well as our other sales channels.  At time of writing, there's only one VR video up there now, but more are on the way!

    The coolest thing about SLR is that they're wholly dedicated to VR content--they specialize in VR, and they do it damn well.  Video releases are rendered out to a plethora of headset-friendly formats for ideal compatibility with your device of choice.  I have the utmost respect for sites like SLR that focus on being the best at the details and particulars without trying to be and do everything.  I'm excited to embark on this bold new journey into the VR space with them.

    And please check out the pretty little round SLR logo I made for the social icon section at the bottom of the page.  Isn't it cute?
    Peace and Blessings,
  • Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow

    Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow
    Shooting, editing, and producing my own VR content has proven to be one hell of rollercoaster ride so far, so I took a little breather and spent the last month or so on research and development.  As I'm shooting a fairly challenging type of VR (self-shot 3D with camera movement), I take improving the final product very seriously.  I want each video to get more and more bad-ass.
    Starting with my VR release "Nami's English Lesson Goes Extra Credit," I made some significant tweaks to my VR workflow:
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