Akari Works at a Maid Cafe
Meeting Akari at a maid cafe, I invited her to sit for a Covert Japan documentary project interview.  She agreed!  So after the interview, we had unprotected creampie sex.



RELEASED: April 23, 2021
- 47 minutes
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- Creampie
Have you ever visited a Japanese maid cafe?  If you don’t know what a maid cafe is, it’s exactly what it sounds like—a cafe where the cute young waitresses are dressed up in boner-inducing French maid outfits.
Visiting one had long been on my bucket list, so I finally got my lazy ass around to it.  That’s where I met Akari.  As she served my omelette rice, she purposely leaned forward so that I could get an ample glimpse of her full womanly cleavage.
Oh wow!  I likey!!
She seemed especially flirtatious with me compared to the Japanese customers, but I dismissed that as merely part of the maid cafe fantasy.  The place was near empty as I was leaving, so why the fuck not...I briefly explained my little documentary project and asked her if she’d like to do an interview for Covert Japan.
She agreed!  Yay!!
Please enjoy this video documenting the interracial impregnation of a Japanese maid.
Peace and Blessings,
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