Minori Heard a Rumor About the English Teacher
After your English lesson, adorable Minori asks about a rumor she heard at school--you had sex with Sayaka?  Intrigued Minori wants to one-up her classmate, so off comes her bra!




RELEASED: April 29, 2021
- 25 minutes
- 180-degree 3D VR (top/bottom) + 2D non-VR version included!
- 6K H265 MP4 (5760x2880) [highest quality]
- 4K H264 MP4 (3840x1920) [most compatible]
- 3K H264 MP4 (2880x1620) [2D version]
** NOTE: A 2D non-VR version of this video is included, so you can enjoy it with or without a VR headset. **

It's your first English lesson with a new student named Minori--a seemingly quiet and well-mannered Japanese school girl.  You wrap-up the lesson as you always do--asking if she has any questions.
Minori has a question, but not about today's lesson.  She heard a rumor at school that you had sex with classmate Sayaka, so apparently word is getting around about your innovative language education techniques.  You fess up and confirm the rumor as you fondly recall Sayaka's heavenly young tits.
Minori flashes a sly smile.  Perhaps there's some classmate rivalry, but it turns out that Minori also has an un-fuckin-believable pair of tits on her and wants to one-up Sayaka.
It's all downhill after Minori sheds her uniform shirt and bra.  Hard as a rock, you partake in everything Minori's soft curvy young body has to offer, dumping a hefty cum load inside her tight shaved hole.
This English teaching gig is proving downright ball-draining!
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