Ramu Is Too Cute For Words
In this Covert Japan release, I document too-cute-for-words Ramu's otherworldly cuteness.  Then we make sweet anime cosplay love, where I impregnate her with a half-Caucasian pink-haired super anime baby.



RELEASED: December 17, 2021
- 46 minutes
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Creampie
Our special guest today is too-cute-for-words Ramu from the Re:Zero anime.  I don't know anything about Japanese anime, but my penis and I know what we like.  And we both really like pink-haired, fire-eyed Ramu.
With her petite Asian body, perky titties, peachy bum, and freshly-shaved CJ-approved J-pussy, my pink cock grew stiff as Ramu revealed her erotic side.  Ramu admitted that BJs are not her forte, so we had a hot little ad-hoc BJ lesson.  Goddamn that turned me on.
I plunged my lusty old cock inside, and we enjoyed a sweet anime cosplay love-making session.  I couldn't get enough of her bouncy little ass cheeks, pink-hair swinging rhythmically as I pumped from behind.  Yummy.
Back to missionary so I could stare into those deep fiery eyes as I came inside and impregnated her with a half-Caucasian pink-haired super anime baby.
Peace & Blessings,
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