What's Up with the Music?

I am a fan of the porn music video (PMV) and cock hero genres, and in fact when I watch porn I often mute the video sound completely and play house or techno music instead.  When I shot and edited the first two videos for Covert Japan, my goal was to produce something along these lines--a scene with the sound (almost) entirely replaced by techno music.

However, after posting these first videos, I soon realized based on feedback received (much of it more hateful than necessary) that my viewing preference is in the tiny minority.  In other words I'm odd--not the first time I've heard that.  The majority of viewers seem to prefer no background music, and music in porn is apparently one of those things that people are very passionate about.  I would never be able to please everyone no matter what music I chose.  This explained why I rarely find scenes with background music. 

I suppose those that do like to listen to music while watching porn just play their preferred music themselves (as I do).  This makes sense to me now.  It's far better to give people a choice rather than force-feed my own preference.

Lesson learned.  I won't bother with background music.

As I do believe in listening to the fans, I gave up on background music in subsequent scenes.  I also re-edited the first 2 scenes without background music, and these "no music" versions are now available for purchase.  Thank you for watching.
Last modification: Sat 22 Jun 2019
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