List of Adult Modeling Agencies in the USA

Here's a list of USA adult modeling agencies along with some of my notes.  I wrote this mostly for my own records, but I post it here as others may find it useful.  As you would expect, most agencies are based in Los Angeles, but I include a few Miami-based ones as well.

Viewer Mail - Question about Creampies

I recently received these creampie-related questions via the contact form on the CJ website:
Are you getting any of these women pregnant? Or do they tell you they are on the pill or use an IUD? How do you make sure they aren't hunting for hapa baby?

Do You Do Custom Vids?

I get this question a lot, so it's about time I posted an answer.  I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm assuming that most people want a custom boy/girl scene and not a video of me jerking off?

Porn Tube Sites with Content Monetization Programs

Here I discuss some porn tube platforms that offer content monetization features like ad revenue sharing.  If you're an adult content producer or performer that owns your own videos, etc., you can use these platforms to monetize your content.  Although some of these platforms offer marked clipstore features, I will focus specifically on porn tube sites and not dedicated clipstore sites.
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