Covert Japan model Akina
Dr. Akina is a highly respected Japanese psychiatrist with an innovative, but highly effective approach to psychotherapy.  She's a staunch believer in the Neo-CBT school of thought, which is not to be confused with the older, more boring "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy."
This new form of CBT focuses on the male genitalia to achieve maximum therapeutic benefit.  Therefore, it's better known as "Cock Behavioral Therapy," which has been proven a far more fruitful and potent form of psychotherapy.
Please enjoy this immersive cock therapy session courtesy of esteemed medical professional Dr. Akina!
Covert Japan model Miriya
Announcing the grand opening of The Alex Whiteman Spa for Women!  Offering premium massage therapy services for young ladies aiming to get pregnant, we welcome our very first customer--a pretty young Japanese girl named Miriya.

Alex Whiteman's Spa for Women is offering FREE massage and impregnation services to all new customers.  Yes, folks!  You heard that right!  FREE!  Just mention the "Whiteman Insemination Campaign" when making your appointment.  See you soon!

Peace & Blessings,
Alex Whiteman
Covert Japan girl Emiri
Emiri is one of my English conversation students that lives in the neighborhood.  After class one fine day, she revealed that she wants to take our relationship to the next level and swallow my cum.  
Ok!  Let's fire up the camera equipment for this one!
So after a lovely make-out session, she sucked my cock until it was ready to explode.  Knowing what was cumming, she smiled warmly and opened her mouth.  I nutted a 3-days-worth backlog of cum into her mouth, and she happily swallowed it down.
Peace and Blessings,
Covert Japan model Amane
When I started the Covert Japan project back in 2016, the digital download "clipstore" distribution approach made the most sense to me.  Just starting out, I had only a handful of videos, so I couldn't possibly expect people to join or subscribe to a website like that.  I also had no idea how long I'd continue the project or how often I would shoot, so selling the videos as individual downloads looked like the best road forward.
And it was the best road forward for a long time, as many people (myself included) seemed to prefer the buy-only-what-you-want shop style.  However, fast-forward to 2021, and I'm well into my 6th year of shooting.  The Covert Japan video library has grown significantly in that time, so now is a felicitous time to offer a membership option.
So after many months of development and testing--introducing...
It's pretty much the entire Covert Japan 2D video library offered in online streaming membership form.  As always, feedback is appreciated as long as you're not an asshole about it.
Peace and Blessings,
Covert Japan girl Naomi
With her smile that melts the world, adorable Japanese teen Naomi stars in this latest Covert Japan release "Everyone Loves Japanese Schoolgirls."
Naomi drops by your neighborhood studio wanting to introduce the delights of Japanese schoolgirls to the world.  What a fantastic idea, so let's host a webcast!
...And what a fantasticly orgasmic webcast it is!
Peace and Blessings,
Covert Japan girl Mimi
Cute but snoopy little Japanese step-sister Mimi stars in this cheeky, fun, and erotic new release!  Finding one of my many porn DVDs stashed under my bed, Mimi discovers that I'm living a double-life making porn.  Luckily, we work out a deal.  She'll keep quiet about the whole thing if I'll shoot her first porn experience.  It's a deal!

It looks like porn runs in the family!

Peace & Blessings,
Covert Japan models Ayami and Misa
I know we're already over halfway through the year, but one of my 2021 New Year's resolutions was to do my best to up my VR game.  So here is a little news about Covert Japan VR going forward into 2021 and beyond...

I joined more VR video platforms.
I started out with SexLikeReal, but I also heard good things about some other popular VR adult video platforms, like VRPorn and POVR.  Perhaps their members would enjoy my videos, so I decided to reach-out and partner-up.  Please see the icons at the bottom of the page for the platforms I currently use.

I upgraded my VR camera.
My old camera wasn't bad, but an opportunity to buy a better camera for less than half the retail price suddenly popped-up on my radar.  I don't know what inspired me to randomly search for this, but I found a lightly-used VR camera on an online auction site, which is a fairly rare find.  Used camera equipment abounds on auction sites, but 180-degree VR cameras are very niche.  I don't often find them for sale second-hand.
I pulled the trigger on the auction and ended up winning it.  Yay!  So although it's not technically a "new" camera, it's definitely an upgrade from what I shot with before.

I'm trying to shoot static fixed-angle VR from now on.
Up until this recent camera purchase, my VR videos have featured camera movement.  I personally have been OK with this, but I understand that roughly 50% of the population is sensitive to camera motion in VR.  So while many people could enjoy my VR sex adventures, about the same amount of people could not due to VR motion sickness issues.
Covert Japan models Ayami and Misa
Ayami and Misa are two aspiring Japanese idols that also happen to be students in your English class.  One fateful day you're running late for their shouldn't keep such hotties waiting!
Or maybe you should after all...
You walk in on one hell of a sight, and lucky you they invite you to join in.
So fuck today's English lesson--let's all have a threesome!
Peace & Blessings,
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