2020 Covert Japan girl Mion
I'm happy to announce that 2020 Covert Japan girl Mion has gone pro!  Debuting as "Ramu Natsukawa" (夏川ラム in Japanese) with famous JAV studio SOD, she's actually with the same studio that Covert Japan girl Kurumi debuted with.
I don't know if I'm on a roll or something, but perhaps SOD likes my style?  Maybe I should send them my resume!
I remember Mion fondly at our shoot, as she was more serious than most about making JAV a career, and not just a temporary stop.  I appreciate how she desired to hone her skills, as it led to very fun training session.  I'm happy to see that she's indeed living her dreams, and that my training proved fruitful!  With her erotic balance of cute and sexy thanks in large part to her mixed Asian ancestry, I wasn't surprised that she soon caught the eye of the pro JAV world.
Let's all wish Mion (aka Ramu) the best!
- You can find her pro JAV releases on R18 here.
Peace and Blessings,
Can You Provide 2D Non-VR Versions of Covert Japan VR Videos?
Several fans asked if it's possible to provide 2D non-VR versions of the Covert Japan VR videos, so geeky me accepted the tech mission of figuring it out.  VR is essentially full POV shot with extremely wide-angle cameras (one camera per eye), so there should be more than enough image info to make a non-VR version.
Also, it would be kinda cool to allow those without VR headsets to enjoy the VR videos.  I could be the vessel of peace between the VR and non-VR worlds--an ambassador of love and harmony if you will.
With love and goodwill in my heart, I went to work on converting the Akari VR vid--my latest VR release at time of writing.  After some trial and error, I think I got a pretty damn good result.
The Akari VR video now includes a 2D non-VR version, and depending on fan response, I may provide 2D non-VR versions of past and future VR releases.
Peace and Blessings,
Female Models Wanted
My name is CJ, and I'm the content producer for the Covert Japan website.  I not only produce my own content, but also work with several amateur and pro Japanese adult video (JAV) directors & producers.
We're looking for female models aged 18+ of all ethnicities and backgrounds in/near the Tokyo area to perform in our shoots in a fun & casual, but professional environment.  Experience and/or Japanese ability is a plus, but not necessary.  We shoot various content, so pay depends on your own profile and decisions.  Salary is at or above common adult-industry standards.
Besides shooting content for Covert Japan, I can also introduce you to legitimate JAV producers in both the amateur and pro realms.  As you may have expected, many of the Japanese directors I work with are especially interested in non-Japanese models.
I know there are probably many ads like this on Craigslist and the like, so I encourage you to evaluate legitimacy by browsing the site and checking out the previously-released content.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, and I look forward to hearing from you!

* Age 18+ on day of shooting - photos of your IDs will be taken.
* Located in the Tokyo area or willing to travel to central Tokyo
* You will be asked to sign a model release form.
* Compensation paid in cash after the shoot.
* We shoot only what you're comfortable with.  In fact, we welcome your ideas & input for best expressing your appeal & sexuality.
* We're happy to pay a one-time introduction fee to those that connect us with actresses / models that end up working with us.
VR Remasters Now Available
Just a quick VR-related announcement...
As I shoot more VR videos, I've been gradually gaining knowledge and experience that have helped improve the video quality and overall 3D experience.  As I covered in a previous post (Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow), a few things in particular made a significant impact on the VR quality.
Therefore, I decided to apply this experience and technology to my previous VR releases and remastered them.  These remastered versions are now available for download in the Covert Japan store and the CJ SexLikeReal channel.  If you already purchased them, simply login to your account and download.  There's no need to re-purchase.
Peace and Blessings,
One of my major goals for this year was to obtain a merchant account to allow the integrated Covert Japan video store to process credit card purchases directly.  I have nothing against clipstore platforms like ManyVids or Pornhub, but having your own merchant account offers the ultimate in flexibility and control.
Well, long story short, thank the gods I did!  IndieBill, an adult video clipstore platform I used to rely heavily upon, announced that they will shutdown their business.
This news highlighted the advantages to operating as independently as possible.  Lesson learned, and a fond farewell to IndieBill!
Peace and Blessings,
The 60fps Video Interpolation Experiment
Shooting video is akin to taking pictures very quickly so that the eye perceives fluid motion.  It's basically a high-tech flip cartoon.  As technology advances and becomes more affordable, cameras can take more pictures more quickly, and displays can show these higher-speed flip cartoons.  How many pictures are crammed into a second of video is the video's "frame rate," and generally speaking, the higher the frame rate, the smoother the perceived motion is going to look.  60 frames-per-second (fps) video should generally look more fluid than 30fps video.
Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow
Shooting, editing, and producing my own VR content has proven to be one hell of rollercoaster ride so far, so I took a little breather and spent the last month or so on research and development.  As I'm shooting a fairly challenging type of VR (self-shot 3D with camera movement), I take improving the final product very seriously.  I want each video to get more and more bad-ass.
Starting with my VR release "Nami's English Lesson Goes Extra Credit," I made some significant tweaks to my VR workflow:

The Absurdity of Japan's Porn Censorship Law
To anyone unfamiliar with Japanese adult video (aka JAV), the expression "uncensored porn" must seem rather silly because porn by definition is going to show the nude human form in all its glory, right?  Like trying to sell a car without wheels, censoring porn cripples it and defeats the entire purpose of it.  Why on earth would you do such a thing?  Unfortunately, in Japan there exists this ridiculous law that forces domestic adult video producers to cover genitalia with mosaic pixelation in their releases.

Let's reflect on the absurdity of Japan's porn censorship law, which was penned in the early 1900s, and still exists with the same wording in Japan's criminal code to this very day.  Below I present six arguments for why this anti-obscenity law is in dire need of abolishment or revision, as its current legal interpretation and implementation wallow in veritable illogic.

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