The Unofficial Modelhub / Pornhub Model Program FAQ

I often bother Pornhub's model payment program support staff with random questions not covered in their official FAQ and support page.  As this may be helpful for other members of PH's model program, I compiled my questions and PH support's answers into this Q&A-style post.

Does your optional DMCA protection protect both the Pornhub videos and for-sale Modelhub videos?
Yes, both free and for-sale content is protected.

How can I submit feature requests or site suggestions?  For example, I think the pornstar tagging system shouldn't allow everyone to freely tag.  I keep getting tagged in videos that aren't mine, so I think the tagging system is being abused.
You can submit feature requests and suggestions at the Pornhub feedback forum.

Is it possible to upload to Pornhub via a cloud storage service like Dropbox?  This would save a lot of time as I wouldn't have to upload again from my PC.
We currently do not have this option but are looking to add something similar in the future.

I may someday collaborate with another PH model.  Can we post the same video for sale under our respective Modelhub accounts?  I've seen this done before, but wasn't sure if it was technically allowed.
That's fine.  You can post the same video for sale on your Modelhub accounts.

How may I become featured on Modelhub?  I heard we can reach out to you to become a featured model.
There is no featured section on Modelhub.  Trending models are based on sales.  But if you'd like to be promoted on our Instagram or Twitter, you can DM there!

The number of subscribers on my profile is different depending on if I'm logged in or not.  Is this a site bug?
That's because when you are logged-in your cache updates faster.  So the logged-in subscriber account profile page is more accurate.

Does Modelhub support 4K video uploads?
Yes, you can upload 4k videos into the Modelhub program!

Sometimes models don't have 2 forms of government-issued ID.  Could I provide a copy of the signed model release document in lieu of the 2nd (non-photo) ID?
Yes, you can.

I sometimes lose search ranking on my videos.  Easy-come-easy-go, right?  I understand if you can't reveal details of PH's secret algorithms, but is there a specific reason this happens?
New uploads and featured content are always going to bump other content down so you will not always appear on the first page of results.

Are there any plans to make Modelhub multi-lingual like Pornhub is?
Yes, we will be adding translations to the site.  We are just focusing on functionality first as it's a new platform.

I hope you've found this useful!  If you're interested in joining Pornhub's model payment program, please go here.

The Many Genres and Fetishes of Japanese Adult Video

It is said that porn genres and fetishes are more numerous than all the grains of sand of all the exotic beaches of the earth.  And Japanese adult video (JAV) is certainly no exception.  In fact, I think Japanese porn in general expresses far more creativity with scenarios and genres compared to Western porn.

Why so much creativity in JAV?
It's probably because of Japan's censorship laws.  Since most JAV is censored, adult video producers compensate for the censorship with colorful scenarios.  They can't rely solely on the money shot to sell the scene, so they have to throw in some imaginative flair instead.  While Western porn is the shot of tequila, JAV is the surprisingly potent tropical cocktail garnished with fruit and a cute umbrella.

Let's explore some of these JAV genres.  Please note that this is not intended to be an exhaustive list, and some of these genres surely exist in Western porn.

The Extremely Common Ones
Let's get the really ubiquitous ones out of the way first...

Japanese School Girls
I can understand why this is so popular.  There's something inexplicably captivating about Japan's school girl uniforms.  They're cute, but also provocative--a dangerously erotic combination.

French Maid
Another understandably hot one.  Few outfits show off feminine sexuality better than the French maid uniform.  Blending lace with a mini skirt, stockings, and a flirty feather duster is downright wicked!

There's nothing hotter than a pretty young Japanese nurse tending to your recovery, and those form-fitting uniforms are just what the doctor ordered.  Call an ambulance!

Girl Stuck in Elevator Door
I've never seen a Western version of this, so I assume it's a JAV thing.  A girl gets stuck in an elevator door (or train door, etc.) with the door trapping her at the waist.  Basically her rear-end is sticking out of the doorway as male passerby look on.  She's stuck in the door and can't free herself.  The passerby have less-than-pure intentions and porno hi-jinks ensues.

You may notice that the non-consensual sex thing is a recurring theme in JAV.  More on that later...

Vending Machine
This one made me laugh out loud.  A Japanese business man on his lunch break strolls through the park looking for a place to eat his boxed lunch.  He comes across a vending machine selling naked Japanese girls (what a find!).  He decides to buy one, and she rolls out of the bottom of the machine the same as a can of soda would.  He props her up on the park bench in a sort of standing doggie position and places his boxed lunch on the small of her back.  He enjoys his lunch break while pumping from behind, dropping the girl into the recycle bin after finishing.  Japan has some truly awesome vending machines!

Time Stop
A guy has a device that can stop time.  He goes into the girls' locker room, ladies hot spring, girls' high school class, etc. and the girls react accordingly (screaming, etc).  He stops time and they freeze in place.  He proceeds to place them in compromising positions and has his way with them.  He unstops time, and they are understandably confused as to why they're all naked with their pussies dripping with semen. 

I saw an alternative take on the time stop theme where this male Japanese office worker was getting tons of shit from female coworkers (I'm guessing they were his superiors).  He gets the last laugh by stopping time and doing as he pleases.

This is indeed a sexy fantasy, and I admit I used to fantasize about stopping time and going into the Playboy Mansion for some decadent hedonism.  However, when executed in an adult video, I actually didn't find it very arousing because the girls are frozen with no movement or reaction.  It's like watching a guy fuck a mannequin, which was quite a buzz-kill.  Some videos try to spice it up a little by unstopping time in the middle of the action to garner some reactions from the ladies, but then that tends to descend the scene into a typical rape-y JAV scenario.

Girl Using Smartphone
In the same vein as the time stop genre, I've seen a few JAV videos where a girl is on her smartphone or talking with friends at a fast food restaurant.  She's so distracted of course that she doesn't notice a guy approach from behind and enter her.  I think this is a fantasy guys have as they gaze upon a covey of cute girls chatting it up at a cafe or a singular gorgeous girl totally immersed in some silly mobile game.

Again, this one looks good on paper, but not so great on video.  The girl is emotionless, which ruins the eroticism.  Mad props for creativity, though!

Game Show Incest
I've seen many of these, and I can understand why.  Families gather for a game show where they have to guess the nude body parts of their parents and siblings.  They inevitably guess wrong and end up fucking each other in some incredible group sex sequences.

The viewers aren't stupid and know this is just porn and not real incest, but it's interesting to note that this type of video is technically forbidden in the Western world.  This is why similar fantasies in Western porn always insist on calling everyone step-sister, etc.  In Japan the money shot must be censored, but it's OK to portray incest.  Culture is forever fascinating, huh?

Invisible Man
The invisible man is a porn actor dressed in a completely black skin-tight body suit with everything covered except his sexy bits.  He enters some mundane place like a courtroom in session and starts going to town on the very attractive young woman currently giving testimony.  The courtroom is a bit confused as to why she's suddenly experiencing intense back-to-back orgasms during what would otherwise be a boring deposition.

This one is superior to the time stop theme because the girls react to what's happening.  Well done, Japan.

Moms Teach Sex
The Western world does this a lot with step moms teaching sex to step-daughters and sons, but Japan, unrestrained by Western cultural norms, portrays the full-monty incest thing.  They also sometimes turn it up a few notches by portraying the sons and daughters as underage.  Again, it's interesting how this is perfectly fine as long as the money shot has a mosaic over it.

Girl Molested on Train
This is a very Japanese porn genre--the girl getting molested on the train.  Truth is stranger than fiction, which is probably why this genre is so well-exploited in Japan.  Also thought-provoking is how JAV seems to favor rape-like scenes to maintain the innocence of the girl.  She didn't consent to the sex, so her purity is still intact.

This is a window into Japanese culture.  The purity and sexual innocence of women must be highly valued in Japan, as so many JAV scenes insist on maintaining it through non-consensual sex scenarios.

Magic Mirror Room
An inventive take on the cuckold genre: The "media producer" performs his "interviews" in a small room composed of two-way mirrors.  Those in the room can see the street and people outside, but those outside cannot see in.  The producer of course just wants to interview the wife or girlfriend, politely asking the guy to wait outside the room.  We can see him patiently waiting outside oblivious as his wife / girlfriend is properly knicker-bockered inside.  He's finally invited back inside, and the couple go on their merry way.

I saw another version of this where Japanese high school girls get banged by big black dudes as their nerdy-looking boyfriends wait on the opaque side of the two-way mirror.  The boyfriend is welcomed back into the room, where he cordially meets the black guy that just nutted inside his girlfriend.

Public sex is all the rage in both JAV and Western porn, and I've seen some pretty perilous stuff done--beaches, public parks, the street, video store, cafe, etc.  I don't know how they pull it off, but I assume they use lookouts, extras, and arrangements with shop owners.  It must be quite risky since I have read stories of JAV producers and performers getting arrested for doing it.

There's another type of public JAV that's obviously arranged and prepped.  Male coworkers will bang the female coworkers in the office or male high school teachers and students will bang their female classmates.  There are others like doing the waitresses in a restaurant and so on.  It's not "genuinely" public, but still wow!

Also known as "reverse gangbang," where one guy is serviced by a group of 5 pretty girls or so.  This is done in VR porn a lot because the guy can be stationary, suiting POV and VR very well.  There's nothing new to this fantasy, and it's done in Western porn as well.  It is interesting how this particular genre goes completely counter to JAV's pervasive non-consensual sex scenarios.

The harem genre is a personal favorite because the Japanese girls don't squeeze their eyes shut while squeaking high-pitched "I'm getting raped" reactions.  Instead they giggle with their girlfriends and seem to be enjoying themselves.  Call me old-fashioned, but that's hot.

Dick Squirting Cum Like a Hose
I've only seen one video like this, and of course it was Japanese.  It was so bizarre it deserves mentioning here.  The guy is enjoying an orgy with 4 pretty Japanese girls.  He's wearing some kind of strap-on with a pump-driven device that squirts "cum" like a garden hose.  He fucks the girl for a minute or so and yells "Cumming!  Cumming!" (in English, which made it even funnier).  He then drenches the girl from head to toe with "cum."  I couldn't stop laughing.  It's not the kind of porn I could jerk off to, but it was certainly entertaining!

I hope you enjoyed this exploration of JAV genres and fetishes.  What's your favorite?

Interracial Porn, WMAF, and the Rise of Sub-Genre Acronyms

Interracial porn is awesome in my opinion, but sometimes I wonder why "interracial" as defined in the porn world seems to be dominated specifically by the black / white combination.  Click the interracial category on Pornhub, and most of the videos are black guys with white girls.

Don’t get me wrong—it’s a hot combination as no other ethnic combos highlight contrast as strikingly and erotically as black and white.  It’s essentially its own genre with very professional sites dedicated completely to it.  I suppose "interracial" has come to mean black on white simply because it's the most popular sub-genre of interracial porn.  As subtly racist and stereotypical as it may be, black men do enjoy an enviable position in the adult video world.

But I’ve always quietly hoped for a little more ethnic and cultural diversity in adult entertainment.  The world is a diverse place, and that diversity makes for some sultry scenes.

Unfortunately, porn isn’t exactly unequivocally accepted in all countries and cultures.  Religious conservative countries and those criminalizing porn production could certainly explain why some groups like Muslims, Chinese, and Koreans are very underrepresented in adult video.  I don’t understand what problem the gods and governments have with porn, as more time spent having sex and orgasms means less time spent hurting and killing each other.  And porn certainly generates taxable revenues and boosts the economy, not to mention personal well-being.  The world can be a very fucked up place with ignorant morons at the helm.  I digress...

I had always wondered if a name had been given to the white man with Japanese girl porn genre that Covert Japan happens to fall into.  I relied on search queries like "Japanese interracial" or "Japanese white," but recently I stumbled upon the acronym: WMAF, which I soon learned stands for "White male / Asian female."  Albeit a rather small niche, it’s nice to know it actually has its own name.

And acronym sub-genres seems to be a trend in porn.  Here are those I've found so far:
AMWF - Asian male / White female
BBC - big black cock
BBW - big beautiful woman
BMAF - Black male / Asian female
BWC - big white cock
BMWF - Black male / White female
CMNF - clothed male / naked female
GND - girl-next-door
NMCF - naked male / clothed female
PMV - porn music video
POV - point-of-view
WMAF - White male / Asian female

I’m sure there are many more--there's probably an acronym to cover just about any porn scenario.  What porn acronyms have you come across?  Do you have a favorite?

Do Covert Japan Videos Induce ASMR?

Ever since I was a small child, I have sporadically experienced this pleasurable tingling sensation that starts in my head and gradually works its way down my spine.  It varies in length and intensity, with the strongest sensation being in the head and face area.  In my case it would usually be induced by watching someone do a simple or benevolent action, and/or articulate innocent commentary.  A fairly intense one in my memory is when I was cuddling with my girlfriend at the time, and she started cutely explaining how she had applied nail polish earlier that day.  There was something extremely wholesome and attractive about how she spoke that induced the sensation.  It's a feeling of well-being unlike any other.

I associate the feeling with safety, sympathy, and love.  I labeled this feeling part of the human experience and moved on with life.  While I don't purposely seek out the sensation, I do enjoy it greatly when it comes on spontaneously.  I suppose the best colloquial term for it would be a "brain massage" or "brain orgasm."  I don't directly connect the feeling to sex because I think it differs enough from a sexual orgasm to command its own category; however, I can understand how others may make such a connection given the intimate and euphoric sensations.

I recently stumbled upon a detailed Wikipedia article documenting this sensation.  It seems it has been given the scientific-sounding name "ASMR," which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  As I had only reported my experience with it during my life to a couple of girlfriends, it was comforting to know that a significant portion of the population experiences it.  Shared human experience validates your own existence.

* Thank you for reading up to this point.  Given the uniqueness of the topic, I think a wordy preface was necessary.  I've finally reached the main point of this little article. *

While editing a few past Covert Japan videos, I noticed the footage would sometimes induce ASMR in me.  It would usually be during a POV sequence, especially my personal favorite sequence where the girl would slowly undress the guy.  I assumed this ASMR was isolated to me given my firsthand relationship with the video footage, so I was surprised to see a Covert Japan video appear in a Reddit ASMR post (NSFW sub-reddit of course).

It's not intentional, and in fact I think intentionally trying to induce ASMR would undermine the whole thing.  It's spontaneous by definition.  Therefore, we have no plans to produce a deliberate ASMR video.  But at the same time, I can't help but be a little curious...

Have our videos ever triggered ASMR in you?

Help! The Video Won't Play

Fortunately it's very rare, but once in a blue moon a customer will report trouble with playing their downloaded video file.  The underlying reason is usually that our videos are ultra-high definition 4K, so they require fairly recent hardware and software to play properly.  The following suggestions have proven very helpful:

1) Use VLC Media Player
Some media player software like Windows Media Player has limited codecs and functionality, so they play only a narrow range of media file types and may choke on 4K videos.  The popular free player VLC is highly recommended, as it can play just about anything.  I can't tell you how many times VLC would play something that Windows Media Player could not.

2) Transcode the Video to HD Using HandBrake
Some older hardware simply doesn't have the horsepower to play 4K videos, so you could try transcoding (aka converting) the video down to HD.  This will reduce the resolution, but also reduce the file size and hardware requirements, thus allowing the video to play.  The popular free software HandBrake does a fine job at transcoding.

First try Handbrake's "Fast 1080p30" preset.  If the video still won't play, then try the "Fast 720p30" preset.

3) Download the Video Again
Perhaps the video file got damaged in transit.  Please try downloading it again.

Feel free to get in touch if the above solutions do not work for you.

The Simplest Bitcoin Setup Guide in the Universe

STEP 1: Get a Bitcoin Wallet
Just like getting a wallet to hold your cash, you need a Bitcoin wallet app to hold your digital cash.  I highly recommend Bitpay's wallet app.

STEP 2: Fund the Bitcoin Wallet
In other words put some money into it.  When I was first setting up Bitcoin, I didn't want to sign up for lots of online accounts until I had a better understanding of it.  Therefore, I initially funded my wallet with cash at a Bitcoin ATM.  It's easy, anonymous, and saves you from having to sign up for anything.  Find one near you here: CoinATMRadar

The nice thing about this is that it gets you out of your house and into the real world.  Get some fresh air and explore a new destination.  If you still prefer the online approach, then alternatively you can fund your wallet with Paxful.  They offer tons of payment options, including widely-available gift cards.

STEP 3: Buy Something
Try buying something with your new Bitcoin.  How about something from our online shop :-)  After submitting the purchase, the system will display a QR code.  Simply scan this QR code with your Bitcoin wallet app to complete the transaction.

Bitpay - How to Pay with Bitcoin - Another fantastic, slightly-more-detailed "how-to" article
Coinbase - A popular online Bitcoin exchange if you decide to take your new Bitcoin hobby to the next level

The Best Clipstores for Selling Your Amateur Adult Videos

One of the more challenging aspects of getting started as an amateur porn video producer is how to sell your product.  You would think that popular and widely-accessible services like Paypal, Shopify, and VHX could come to your assistance.

Unfortunately, it's not to be.  Most all of those well-known services forbid adult-related transactions.  The adult industry is locked-out, blacklisted, and banned.  This theme will resonate especially when trying to use any of these mainstream services.  Hopefully someday this will change, but in the meantime I was forced to look elsewhere.

An alternative is to pursue and apply for your very own credit card merchant account.  However, there's an inherent catch-22 here.  The application and approval process is arduous, and many want evidence of several months of stable transaction volume.  But in this era of everything-done-online, how would you get any sales volume without the merchant account?  Good luck accepting cash or checks for your digital porn videos.  Bitcoin is an option, but credit card is still king of the online transaction.

Luckily there are solutions to this conundrum--online clipstores specifically for adult industry amateurs.  Instead of applying for a merchant account yourself, they handle the transactions for you and host the digital delivery of your content.  They take a percentage of your sales revenue to fund their service.

I expended considerable effort researching the best ones, and I present them here.  My primary criterion for determining the "best" was simply the payout percentage.  Secondary factors included how nice the site looks and how quickly and easily transactions can be completed.  Since I figured I would have to promote my own content by posting free previews to my tube site channels, I didn't take into account if a particular clipstore promotes performers or videos on a main homepage.

This one totally rocks, and it's the one I currently use.

- You get an awesome 85% cut, which is the most generous I've found.
- They handle chargebacks and fraud.  Wow.
- Their site is gorgeous and very easy to use.
- Customer transactions are quick and easy.  There's no lengthy customer registration process.
- Very responsive, professional, and friendly support.
- Absolutely no problems with payouts--always accurate and on-time.

- They don't have a main homepage to promote producers, performers, or videos.  You promote your own store.  I actually like it this way, but some may prefer a clipstore that features performers, etc. on their homepage.  They do partner with another site that offers Snapchat promotion, however.
- The site could use a shopping cart and coupon code feature.

I used to use this one, but switched to Indiebill due to the superior payout percentage.

- 70% payout, which is better than most other clipstores that offer 50%~60%.
- Beautiful website.  I especially like their handy video preview maker.
- They have a main homepage that features performers and videos.  Some may like the promotional benefits of this style.
- Customer transactions are quick and easy.  There's no lengthy customer registration process.
- Professional and on-time payouts.

- Payout percentage is not as good as Indiebill.
- The upload process could be better.  I don't like using FTP because it's not encrypted.


Vuier takes a unique approach as they specialize in video on demand (VOD) and live streaming.

- Fairly generous payout percentage.
- You can embed your videos and sales pages on other sites, a valuable feature for promoting your content.
- You can enroll your content in an affiliate partner program, which enables and motivates others to promote your stuff.

- The payout calculation is too convoluted.  This is from their website: We pass our direct 3rd party fees for both our Video on Demand and Live Streaming services to you, which is netted from your payout. These 3rd party fees are: Video Delivery Fee - 4.84%, Payment Processing Fee - 5.9% plus $0.51 per purchase. Our service fee is 10%.  WTF??  Doing the math reveals that the payout is actually closer to 80%.
- At time of writing they cannot do 4K video.
- At time of writing customers cannot download the videos.

Honorable Mentions

Although their payout percentage is not as good as Indiebill or IWantClips, ManyVids is a very popular clipstore with an expansive member community.  This could potentially drive more web traffic to your videos and generate sales.  I've decided to give them a try.

Modelhub (Pornhub Model Payment Program)
Pornhub has integrated a clipstore called Modelhub into its tube site platform.  This allows members of the model program to sell paid versions of their videos, empowering the PH channel page with both promotional and sales facilities.  While the payout percentage may not be as favorable as the other clipstores, the benefits of using a clipstore integrated into such a high-traffic tube site could off-set that lower percentage with increased sales.  I've decided to give Modelhub a try.

ModelCentro seems geared towards amateurs (e.g. camgirls) that want to launch and market their own brand.  You can create a subscription-based store and sell more than just videos.  This one might be for you if you're leaning towards a subscription-based business model.


This is one of the most popular clipstores on the web, but I fail to see why.  The site is an eyesore and they only offer a 60% payout.  No thanks.

What's Up with the Music?

I am a fan of the porn music video (PMV) and cock hero genres, and in fact when I watch porn I often mute the video sound completely and play house or techno music instead.  When I shot and edited the first two videos for Covert Japan, my goal was to produce something along these lines--a scene with the sound (almost) entirely replaced by techno music.

However, after posting these first videos, I soon realized based on feedback received (much of it more hateful than necessary) that my viewing preference is in the tiny minority.  In other words I'm odd--not the first time I've heard that.  The majority of viewers seem to prefer no background music, and music in porn is apparently one of those things that people are very passionate about.  I would never be able to please everyone no matter what music I chose.  This explained why I rarely find scenes with background music. 

I suppose those that do like to listen to music while watching porn just play their preferred music themselves (as I do).  This makes sense to me now.  It's far better to give people a choice rather than force-feed my own preference.

Lesson learned.  I won't bother with background music.

As I do believe in listening to the fans, I gave up on background music in subsequent scenes.  I also re-edited the first 2 scenes without background music, and these "no music" versions are now available for purchase.  Thank you for watching.
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