Terms & Conditions

This is not a typical membership site.
- There are no subscriptions.
- There are no recurring fees.
- There are no commitments.
This is a video download store.
- Simply buy the scenes you want and download them.
- Videos are encoded as industry-standard H.264 MP4.
Payment Methods
- Our shop only supports Bitcoin payments, so please use our IndieBill Store for credit card purchases.
- If you're interested in Bitcoin, the following article will help you get started: The Simplest Bitcoin Setup Guide in the Universe
Download Limit
- After purchase you are limited to two (2) downloads of your purchased file.
- Due to the nature of the business, it is not possible to issue refunds.  Please contact us if you encounter technical problems downloading your purchased videos.
- The only information we collect is a name and email address to complete a purchase.  We never disclose or sell this information to third parties, nor do we engage in spam campaigns.
- We occasionally distribute an email newsletter to inform customers of new products and offer discount coupons.  Our newsletter can be quickly and easily unsubscribed from.
The Rules
- This website contains adult-oriented material and is intended for adults of legal age.  You agree that you are of legal age to view this material and are in compliance with your local laws and moral standards.
- The videos offered on this website are for non-commercial private consumption.  You will not share your purchase with anyone, attempt to resell it, nor upload it to any file or video sharing service.
- You will not share your username / password with anyone.
- It is your responsibility to store and backup your purchases after downloading.  This is not a cloud streaming or storage service.
- Failure to abide by the rules may result in your login being revoked.
Final Notes
- These terms and conditions apply to the Covertjapan.com website and its online shop.  Third-party partner websites and services (e.g. our IndieBill store) have their own terms and conditions.
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