- There are no subscriptions, recurring fees, or commitments.
- Simply buy the scenes you want and download them.
- Videos are encoded as industry-standard H264/H265 MP4 in high-quality 4K Ultra HD and/or Full HD.
- We do believe in choice, so depending on customer feedback & demand, we may someday implement a subscription option.
- Our site supports payment by most major credit cards, as well as Bitcoin.  Credit card payments are processed by CCBill, and Bitcoin payments are processed by Mycelium Gear.
- If you're interested in Bitcoin, the following article will help you get started: The Simplest Bitcoin Setup Guide in the Universe
To preserve server resources and mitigate abuse & piracy, you are limited to two (2) downloads of your purchased file.  We realize that sh*t happens, so please contact us if you ever encounter issues with this limit.
COVERTJAPAN.COM may, but is under no obligation to honor refund requests.  Refund requests are given on a case-by-case basis within 30-days after the initial purchase date.

How to Request a Refund
1) First please read this support article that documents the most common technical issues encountered by customers along with solutions.  The fix is likely documented here: Help! The Video Won't Play
2) Please contact us directly if the support article does not resolve your issue.  We will do our best to assist.
3) If the issue still persists despite our support efforts, please contact our payment processor CCBill: CCBill Consumer Support

Refund Policy Notes:
- The decision to refund a charge does not imply the obligation to issue additional future refunds.
- Should a refund be issued by COVERTJAPAN.COM for any reason, it will be credited solely to the payment method used in the original transaction.  COVERTJAPAN.COM will not issue refunds by cash, check, or to another payment mechanism.
- Customers that charge-back transactions are subject to a lifetime ban for access to the Website and Services, both as a customer and as a guest.

- Piracy of adult videos is a massive problem that continues to threaten the entire industry, especially smaller producers like ourselves.  To combat piracy we utilize advanced technology that allows us to (1) identify when and where a pirated version of our video was uploaded and (2) track the pirated video back to the original purchaser.
- We beg of you--please support adult video producers by purchasing only officially-licensed content.
- This website contains adult-oriented material and is intended for adults of legal age.  You agree that you are of legal age to view this material and are in compliance with your local laws and moral standards.
- The videos offered on this website are for non-commercial private consumption.  You agree not to share your purchase with anyone, attempt to resell it, nor upload it to any file or video sharing service or website.
- You agree not to share your username / password with anyone or post it anywhere.
- You agree to store and backup your purchases after downloading.  We do not currently have the resources to provide cloud storage or streaming services.
- Failure to abide by the rules may result in your login & site access being permanently revoked.
These terms and conditions apply to the COVERTJAPAN.COM website, online shop, and all Covert Japan content.  Third-party partner websites and services (e.g. our other clipstores) may enforce additional or differing terms and conditions.
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