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As I continue my VR production adventures, I had a few thoughts about future creative directions...
I enjoy experimenting with various ideas and concepts when I shoot, which also means I inevitably break the rules of “traditional” VR porn.
I do understand that traditional VR respects complete immersion by eliminating all sounds from the guy, but I myself don’t insist on this when viewing VR content.  I find it a bit excessive and silly that the guy has to be a soundless corpse.  This stipulation also greatly limits the scenarios and creativity that can be incorporated into the video.
A good friend of mine pointed me to a superbly shot VR video, saying, “This video may help you improve your own videos.”  It was indeed a fantastic video—very hot and extremely well-executed.  However, I still found myself questioning some of the “rules” of traditional VR porn:
- The main guy (you) was totally silent.  That’s fair enough, but the other guy in the scene was as well.  The other guy is having sex nearby, and doesn’t make a single sound the whole time.  I personally found that strange and unnatural.
- Guests arrive at your house at the beginning of the scene, and “you” don’t say a word to greet them, get up from the sofa, or even move.  It kinda looked like you were in a coma or suffering from severe social anxiety disorder.
- You and the other guy are DP-ing this girl, and the other guy’s balls are rubbing your thigh.  Then at the end he cums and squirts a fairly copious amount of his load on your leg.  So let me get this straight--the other guy has to be totally silent, but he can rub his balls and squirt his cum on you?
My creations probably aren’t a good match for those that insist on professional VR videos that follow these rules to the T and respect total immersion.  I would suggest that viewers falling into this category pass on my stuff.
I appreciate viewer feedback, but comments don’t always represent the majority.
In fact, many of my top-performing videos revenue-wise have also broken all the rules of traditional VR and received an ample share of angry comments.  Unfortunately, the comments feature is so often used to wage individual complaints.
Were these videos successful simply because the girl was cute and the viewers were tolerating things like camera movement and talking?  Or were they successful because the camera movement and dialog made them unique, and a significant camp genuinely enjoyed them?  It’s impossible to know for sure, but time will tell as I compare the revenue statistics with my more recent fixed-angle releases.  I'll have to examine how the data moves as I explore various creative avenues.
Going forward I will certainly continue to listen to constructive viewer feedback, but will take it with a hefty grain of salt.  Video revenue statistics paint a far more colorful picture of what’s working and what’s not--what the majority enjoys and what they don't.  Comments and viewer feedback can be helpful, but at the end of the day, one comment represents a single person's opinion.  The world is a diverse place, so while one vocal viewer may dislike my creative visions, another 100 viewers may silently adore them.
I can't please everyone, so perhaps I'll be happiest shooting and producing what I myself most enjoy.
Peace and Blessings,
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